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Ever craved a good book and just not been inspired by anything you see? Or felt annoyed that you bought a book that was merely so-so? Or closed a book and JUST wanted to talk about it? Or wished you had a place to discover new books?

We know what this feels like. The Book Report Network aims to solve these reader dilemmas, with thoughtful book reviews, compelling features, in-depth author profiles and interviews, excerpts of the hottest new releases, contests and more every week. We hope you'll visit our websites and discover why since 1996 the Book Report Network has been the best place online to talk about your last great read --- and find your next one.


Carol Fitzgerald

As a child, I read before the sun came up. Today I still remember many of those books like old friends. In the early Seventies, I read A TRACE OF FOOTPRINTS by Ruth Wolff, a book I wanted to read again. It is out-of-print, but one of our readers found me a copy at some point, and after I re-read it I placed it on my bookshelf where I love seeing it along with my current favorite titles. The pleasure of finding a great book like this is why I love running The Book Report Network so much.

My older son Greg, now works with us full-time after graduating from Fordham in May. It's so nice to have him on our team here. His interests include ocean liners, shipwrecks, lighthouses and geocaching, which keep him reading a fair share of nonfiction as well as fiction. He has quite a library of books in his room and it's interesting watching what books get carted back and forth from our office to the house.doing various projects.

My son Cory is now a senior in high school and college applications are consuming his time. He looks forward to getting back to reading. In the past he has done blurbs for publishers for a couple of the books that he particularly loves including The Hunger Games trilogy. He has interviewed a couple of authors with me and prides himself on his book collection, which now fills five bookcases double deep and trading books with friends. He takes special bookish joy in turning his reluctant reader friends onto books that he thinks they will enjoy. He proves to me day after day that there are GREAT books out there for boy readers.

My husband Tom can sit on a couch reading a book for an entire day and feel no guilt. In addition to thrillers he reads expedition and history titles. He's broadened his reading horizons as our shelves boast a pretty wide range of work these days.

My reading taste spans a wide gamut as I have the pleasure of discovering new authors every day. I love suspense-thriller writers as well as a number of literary fiction and women's fiction authors. I love well-written memoirs. As I look at my shelves it's pretty cool to see how many of the authors whose work is there I now count as friends. There is something wonderful about reading a just-done manuscript or an early reader copy of an author whose work I really love. I also love reading reader comments at Word of Mouth --- there's always a great idea there on what to read.

Before logging onto the Internet for the first time in 1995, I spent 17 years at Mademoiselle magazine in Promotion and Marketing. I relish the online medium for its immediacy --- and for the ability it gives me to work anywhere, anytime, so long as I can log on. Any bets on where I am writing this?

I would love to hear what you enjoy about and what you would like to see more of. Feel free to drop me a note anytime. I appreciate the feedback from our readers --- it's some of the best reading that I do.



Tom Donadio
Editorial Director, and

As a child, I always enjoyed visiting my local library and borrowing as many books as I could carry. During one of these excursions I discovered the fabulous Choose Your Own Adventure series of books. I couldn't believe that I had the ability to control the various plots and determine what happens to the characters in each story. This concept of "interactive reading" fascinated me, and I quickly became obsessed with the series.

I had my first taste of historical fiction at the age of 13, when my eighth grade Literature teacher introduced me to the North and South trilogy by John Jakes. Although I'm not the fastest reader in the world, I was so captivated by these books that I literally could not put them down. It took me less than two months to read all 2,500+ pages of the series.

Throughout my high school and college years, I was an avid reader of the classics and devoted much time to the works of William Shakespeare, John Steinbeck and Ernest Hemingway, among others. My reading preferences have since expanded to include such genres as contemporary fiction, mysteries and suspense/thrillers.

I was in the midst of re-reading the North and South trilogy when I joined The Book Report Network in October 2002. In addition to various editorial projects, I have the pleasure of working with our marvelous reviewers, emailing them regularly and keeping them up to date on books that are available for review. I always look forward to reading their notes and appreciate the enthusiasm they have for our network of sites.

Working at The Book Report Network has been such an enjoyable and rewarding experience for me. Little did I know that the many months I spent looking for a job --- which was a long and sometimes frustrating process --- would pay off so well.


Emily Hoenig
Associate Features Editor

I graduated from New York University with a degree in journalism, despite my tendency to write excessively literary news stories that were grammatically flawless and factually askew. My love of storytelling was not diminished by my inability to write a thousand words on a neighborhood institution --- at least not without making up irrelevant back-stories and comic relief character quotes. So I tried my luck at the New School and got an MFA in creative writing, which suited me much better. I love to read all kinds of books, but if you ask me, I’ll probably tell you I like literary fiction and short stories set in New York City best.  

Shara Zaval
Editorial Manager, and

According to my father’s favorite dinner party story, I spent much of my babyhood sitting contently next to my bookshelf, pulling off every single title until I was cocooned in a towering nest of all things Richard Scarry and SPOT THE DOG. Then, I’d proceed to open each volume, turning every page and “reading” them out loud in some version of one-year-old babble. I’ve seen it myself on old home videos, and have to give myself credit --- I was certainly good at imitating reading (and making quite a mess), if nothing else.

While I no longer spend time making book forts, I’ve certainly maintained my love for all things literary --- from literary fiction to creative writing classes to my antique book clock (an amazing purchase from a Chicago street fair) to, most especially, children’s books. Roald Dahl taught me the magic of storytelling, unforgettable characters and narrative voice, and I will always associate the color pale yellow with MATILDAbecause the cover image is permanently etched into my head. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve read HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIREapproximately 30 times, and to this day adore the YA section of the library more than the adult section.

After working as a book publicist at Trafalgar Square Publishing/iPg for the past two and a half years, I moved to New York City in August 2013 to get more involved in the heart of the children’s book world. Now that I’m the Editorial Manager of and, I’m so excited to be immersed in all things kid’s lit --- from the books themselves to the amazing authors, editors and librarians who stand behind them. Feel free to send me a quick hello at!

Joe Hartlaub
Senior Writer,

I was born in a simpler time, known as "1951," of parents who prized literacy, learning, and perseverance. I cannot remember a time without books: my mother read a children's book titled RUDY KAZOO to me until she was hoarse, while my father came home one night with a set of ALL ABOUT books from Random House (ALL ABOUT DINOSAURS, ALL ABOUT CHEMISTRY, etc.) that are still fun to look at. I learned how to read somewhere between three and four, when I discovered newspaper comic strips, then comic books; "Dick Tracy" and "Little Orphan Annie" in their original incarnations remain priceless and influence the shaping of my philosophies, and reading tastes, to this day.

I approach the age of 50 blessed beyond words. I live in the United States, the greatest country in the history of the world; I have four wonderful children; I am married to the most patient, beautiful woman on the planet; I practice entertainment law, wherein I get paid to give advice to people whom I would pay to sit in the same room with (but don't tell anybody); and I get books to review, dropped off on my doorstep. I never dreamt that life could become so good simply by following a few basic rules, such as maintain sobriety, be faithful, pay attention, and never give up.

John Hogan
Editorial Director,

john hogan photoJohn Hogan is the former editor-in-chief of Pages magazine and has worked in the book industry, in one form or another, for nearly 15 years. He is also a freelance writer and reviewer. A native of Iowa, he grew up reading comics and graphic novels and continues to find them an exciting and mesmerizing format for storytelling. He can be reached at



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Greg Fitzgerald
Advertising/Promotion Associate

Greg Fitzgerald is a graduate of Fordham University at Lincoln Center. Besides his work in the Advertising/Promotion Department where he regularly interfaces with clients, he does event photography at author signings, conventions, and parties and helps with day-to-day operations at TBRN's office in New York. He has worked for The Book Report Network part-time since 2006, though he has been part of the TBRN family -- literally and figuratively -- since 1996. In his free time, Greg enjoys traveling; researching and enjoying lighthouses, ocean liners, and other maritime subjects; and geocaching.