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Thomas Yeates


Thomas Yeates

Thomas Yeates

Books by Thomas Yeates

by Sergio Aragones and Thomas Yeates - Fantasy, Graphic Novel

One is a cross-hatched Hyborian from the unforgiving steppes of Cimmeria. The other is a big-nosed buffoon from a land of cartoony chaos. Only in the addled brain of Sergio Aragones could these two mismatched warriors ever cross swords! Thomas Yeates lends his able pen to Mark Evanier's story of worlds colliding, as the indomitable barbarian Conan meets the insufferable birdbrain Groo. An epic crossover centuries in the making! Twice as much brawn as brains! Fantasy comics will never be the same! Collects #1 - #4 of the Dark Horse miniseries.

adapted by Charles Santino; script by Beau L'Amour and Katherine Nolan; based on a short story by Louis L'Amour; illustrated by Thomas Yeates - Fiction, Graphic Novel

With a propulsive script from Beau L’Amour and Kathy Nolan, adapted by Charles Santino and illustrated in bold black-and-white by Thomas Yeates, LAW OF THE DESERT BORN captures the dust and blood of Louis L’Amour’s West --- a world where the difference between a hero and a villain can be as wide as the gap between an act of kindness or brutality or as narrow as a misspoken word.