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It's almost here! That's right --- New York Comic Con is around the corner, and with it the thousands of costume-clad fans waiting to catch a glimpse of somebody dressed as their favorite iteration of Batman. (Or maybe even their actual favorite iteration of Batman --- here's looking at you, Mr. Keaton.)
In New York City, the vast and varied strands of American creative history are omnipresent, and the world of comic books and graphic novels is no exception. Walk down any street in Manhattan and you're likely to amble past a locale crucial to the history of comics, be it the inspiration for Superman's Daily Planet building or the locale of Spider-Man's big fight with Doctor Octopus. But it takes a trained eye to find the hidden secrets behind the veneer of city life.
San Diego Comic Con is finally here. Excited? You should be. This is the big one, folks --- where comics disciples of all sorts come from far and wide to beautiful southern California to see the inside of the industry they love, gawk at their favorite writers and illustrators, and hobnob with the latest Doctor Who actor the CW hired to put on one of its seemingly countless DC-inspired teledramas. Conventions can be a bit daunting for first timers, especially for librarians and educators, but here at Graphic Novel Reporter, we believe in making things easy. To that end, we've included a list of all the librarian- and educator-oriented programming at this year's SDCC below. Have a look, and enjoy the show:
At last night's Tony Awards, the stage adaptation of Alison Bechdel's contemporary graphic memoir classic, FUN HOME, took home five awards, including Best Musical.
It's Children's Book Week! This year, the ever-excellent Humble Bundle has teamed with our friends at the Children's Book Council to bring some of today's best children's comics to kids, in an effort to spur excitement in reading. For the next six days, the Humble Kids Comics Bundle Supporting Children’s Book Week is up at Humble Bundle's website, where readers of all ages can pay what they like for a vast variety of some of the best the children's comics world has to offer. See below for the full press release, and click here to head to the bundle!  
Concord, CA - On the first Saturday in May, over 2,300 comic book shops in 60-plus countries gave away more than 56 million comic books to celebrate Free Comic Book Day. If you are still unaware of Free Comic Book Day, it is the only holiday that celebrates reading and reading literacy (very heady stuff for an English teacher). FCBD was created by Joe Field, owner of the Eisner Spirit Award-winning Flying Colors Comics --- and what better place to celebrate FCBD than at its birthplace!