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Paperback: September 3, 2013

In this tender, bittersweet, full-color graphic novel, a young woman named Clementine discovers herself and the elusive magic of love when she meets a confident blue-haired girl named Emma: a lesbian love story for the ages that bristles with the energy of youth and rebellion and the eternal light of desire.

Paperback: October 29, 2013


So good, so funny, so imminently readable --- Johnny Hiro returns to take on a giant gorilla who’s taken his ex hostage. Meanwhile, his current girlfriend would really like to know why he’s never mentioned this ex before. And the real danger for Johnny is going to come from a hard-hitting examination of where his life is right now.

Hardcover: March 16, 2011


The team behind POWERS creates a new spin on all-ages superhero comics with TAKIO, a fun-filled series about two bickering sisters just trying to a) save the world, and b) avoid getting grounded.

Hardcover: December 3, 2013


Taki and Olivia, the two sisters who make up TAKIO, return for more battles…and a lot more in-fighting.

Hardcover: October 8, 2013


Brought to you by the same folks who gave you ANOMALY, SHIFTER is a roaring adventure tale. It looks and feels a lot like a video game, and that’s by design. The book is also interactive: a free app lets readers make 3D elements of the book come alive on their devices.

Black Paths by David B. - Graphic novel
Hardcover: March 26, 2013


Set at the end of World War I, BLACK PATHS is rich with a poetic flow and subversive chaos. It brings to life the city of Fiume in Croatia as an Italian poet known as the “Pirate King” Gabriele d’Annunzio takes control, along with an army, of the city.

Hardcover: January 18, 2013


A big, bold book that is full of beautiful delights, AN ENCHANTMENT continues NBM’s wonderful Louvre Delights series. Each book in these editions prominently features works on display in the Louvre while telling a compelling graphic story.

Hardcover: March 19, 2013

Here is a book that elegantly shows the potential for comic book storytelling. Deep and emotionally complex, WHEN DAVID LOST HIS VOICE subtly unfolds into a gripping, lovely work.

Hardcover: November 26, 2013


They’re no longer a supercouple, but Superman and Lois Lane had a good run for much of Superman’s 75 years in existence. That’s why Lois is getting her own hardcover retrospective in the collection LOIS LANE: A CELEBRATION OF 75 YEARS.

Paperback: November 12, 2013


Back in 1987, in the days of the black spider suit, Spider-Man got a one-way ticket to a mental institution. Unfortunately for him, it was an institution run by the evil Kingpin, who used it as a front for drugging and then manipulating inmates into committing his crimes. Even worse for Spider-Man, he would take another trip back to the mental institution in 1992 in a sequel to the epic storyline.