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Carla Speed McNeil


Carla Speed McNeil

Carla Speed McNeil

Books by Carla Speed McNeil

by Alex de Campi, Igor Kordey, Carla Speed McNeil, Bill Sienkiewicz, Richard Pace, Colleen Doran, and Dan McDaid - Comic Books, Graphic Novel

Reporter Katie Shah's exposes of the corruption of the English ruling class put her in the crosshairs of powerful men on a good day. SMOKE AND ASHES are the stories of the bad days, as she and assassin Rupert Cain become targets of a sinister cabal bent on controlling the nation's oil and of a psychotic intelligence that has uploaded itself onto the Internet!

by Carla Speed McNeil

A large collection of an award-winning comic book science fiction series, the Library reprints the Finder novels SIN-EATER, TALISMAN, and KING OF THE CATS in their entirety, including extensive notes from the author.