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Jill Thompson


Jill Thompson

Jill Thompson

Books by Jill Thompson

by Dan Parent, Jeff Shultz, Bob Smith, Alitha Martinez, Renae DeLiz, Jill Thompson, Fiona Staples, Stephanie Buscema and Jack Morelli - Fiction, Graphic Novel

Betty and Veronica, along with Archie, Jughead and friends, return to take on more of your favorite fairytales in this follow-up to the popular BETTY & VERONICA STORYBOOK! BETTY & VERONICA'S PRINCESS STORYBOOK is the irresistable combination of classic fairytales and two of the most iconic characters in comic book history. Betty and Veronica portray famous princesses from stories including Rapunzel, Beauty & the Beast, Snow White, and The Little Mermaid, all with the patented Archie brand of fun and charm!

Written by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Jill Thompson and Vince Locke - Graphic Novel

Older and more powerful than the gods themselves, the Endless are a dysfunctional family of cosmic beings that have ruled over the realms of dream, desire, despair, destiny, destruction, death, and delirium since the beginning of time.