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Il Gatto Sul G, Vol. 3


Il Gatto Sul G, Vol. 3


It’s been three years since the previous volume of Il Gatto Sul G was released, so fans of the series are surely rushing to get the long-waited third and final volume. This pensive, 223-page volume shouldn’t leave them disappointed.

Riya is a high school student and violinist on his way to worldwide fame for his skill. He’s also a victim of child abuse and has split personalities. That doesn’t mean he has mood swings: it means it can switch into one personality and not even remember it afterward. There are two personalities in him: one is referred to as “White” and is his good, proper side; the other, “Black,” is his side with the caustic attitude and anger.
Besides struggling with two sides of himself, he has to choose between two potential beaux. The first, Kousaka, is an upperclassman at his school and is a sadist who’s willing to break Riya’s fingers. It’s shocking Riya would consider him at all. The other, Atsushi, is a compassionate college student who’s on the lookout for Riya and cares for him. This is the beau Riya will go for, but not without having some liaisons with Kousaka first.
Il Gatto Sul G has lovely, delicate artwork that really works well for showing Riya’s prettiness and fragility. Each volume’s art has improved, though it’s always had an adept, graceful style that catches the eye. The mangaka does an especially good job at showing Riya when he’s tearful and in pain, making the picture heartfelt and sad to the reader. It’s a very melancholic volume, though it ends with a hopeful note and a promise of better things in the future. But during most of the book Riya has to come to grips with his abusive father, his personalities, and his two competing lovers.
This manga’s given a 16+ rating, aiming itself more for older teens. One reason would be the contemplativeness of the storyline and the fact it deals with such painful issues. There’s also the showing of intimacy, as there are a few scenes of Riya with a lover. None of these scenes are graphic and nothing is outright shown, but it is clear what’s going on.

Il Gatto Sul G has a quiet beauty all throughout its pages, from the mangaka’s assured artwork to the feelings between Riya and Atsushi. It also isn’t until the beginning of this particular volume that the extent of his father’s abuse is shown, and more reason is given for Riya’s having split personalities. It’s his goal to get himself down to one personality, White and Black mixing together. He additionally wants to overcome his father, not by attacking him, but by bettering himself and living without the man. He gets some help from Atsushi along the way, but it’s really Riya who makes the decision to improve. Despite the frailty of his appearance, Riya is a strange character on the inside. He’s finally able to find peace, just as readers are finally able to have the finale ofIl Gatto Sul G in their hands.

Reviewed by Danica Davidson on July 28, 2009

Il Gatto Sul G, Vol. 3
by Tooko Miyagi

  • Publication Date: July 28, 2009
  • Genres: Graphic Novel
  • Paperback: 200 pages
  • Publisher: Digital Manga Publishing
  • ISBN-10: 1569700621
  • ISBN-13: 9781569700624