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Australian artist Tohby Riddle created UNFORGOTTEN by merging historical images and personal photographs with his own drawings, to bring forth a story of magical realism and heightened symbolism.

The widely acclaimed book was a hit in Australia in 2012, and it’s been brought to the States by Penguin’s new InkLit imprint. UNFORGOTTEN’s haunting images seem like a love letter to the big cities of the world --- dirty, grimy bus stops and subway stations look romanticized, and skyscrapers blend into magnificently starlit skies. As the denizens of these cities go about their days, angel-like creatures descend unnoticed and become part of the landscape. Why? No one knows. No one even notices.

UNFORGOTTEN blends real-life pictures with Riddle’s drawings and pasted images just as it mixes timelines (old-style cars are shown on the roads, and blimps populate the sky). This is a tale told now, but it’s timeless…or perhaps just out of time. Either way, it’s beautifully told.


Reviewed by John Hogan on September 13, 2013

by Tohby Riddle